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Christian Sexuality

a user guide


This topic is dedicated to Christians of any age who wish Jesus to be Lord of their sexuality, and who struggle. There may be Christians somewhere who can give their sexuality to God without a struggle. You'll probably find these pages of very little use if you're one of them.


Many do struggle. David was a man after God's own heart, that's what God says anyway. David committed murder in order to satisfy his sexual lust. It can happen to anybody.


And Bathsheba became the mother of Solomon, and the ancestor of Jesus. Isn't God wonderful? Isn't God puzzling? I wonder what David's other wives thought... No, actually, I don't wonder at all. It's recorded in 1 Kings 1 that they were not impressed. Uriah the Hittite wasn't around to ask him what he thought.


This topic will provide some of the information and advice that the writers wish they'd been given themselves. But it's a narrow line to walk. It's a natural and healthy part of being human to want some privacy in sexual matters. Most men are impotent in public. That's what makes nudist colonies possible.


One fundamental question is:


Which sexual activities are Godly?


It's not the only question, but it's a basic one. And it's not as simple to answer as some make out. A related question is:


How does human sexuality reflect the nature of God?


There have been a number of papers with the title The sexuality of God which fail to address this. Sexuality appears in the Bible before the fall. What was it like? Because, that's the sort of sexual expression we as Christians should seek.


This is and will probably always be a work in progress. But we pray that even so, you will find it helpful. And, it will probably never be a complete guide to sexuality, nor even seek to be. Rather we will just seek to fill some gaps in the available information, from an honest, approachable, accurate and Christian perspective.


It's a big enough ask at that! So pray for us, as we do for you.







sex and sexuality


prayer for couples


blue balls








the Kinsey reports


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