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a resource page


See http://www.zeta.org.au/~andrewa/aja45.htm for a dream now ten years old...


and which reads in part:


The dream...


To make available suitable scripts for any bible verse or passage.


There are already dramatised bibles available of course, but they are static once published. What I want is creative scripts that are true to what the bible says.


But it's a monster task to do the whole bible.


The Vision...


The web makes this dream acheivable...


...and which may in this site become more of a vision.


The play Christmas Eve gets regular performances around the world in Advent every year. Permission has also been requested and gladly given for translation into several other languages, but I have never received any results back. - YiCaa


There was once a World Wide Bible Index which referenced Bible resources, such as dramas, all over the World Wide Web, but their drama index which was such an encouragement when they started it was later merged into other resources for lack of interest, and their site seems offline now.


There are many Christian drama sites offering scripts, some for free, some for fee. But sp far as we know there is no site currently indexing all Christian drama resources, or even a large subset of them, by Bible reference.


Dramatic License http://home.mchsi.com/~wallestadn/index.htm


From their  home page: Dramatic License uses wit and wisdom to make the Bible come alive through creative, funny and thought-provoking short-form dramatic scripts. Churches and other Christian organizations use our scripts to bring the Bible and its life-changing message to audiences of all ages.


Free for church services and the like, see their pages for details, and they have a script request page.


Exciting stuff!


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