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Welcome to the



a place for ideas for effective evangelism.


They can be techniques, plans, dreams, visions, experiences good or bad, many things.


The only thing they need have in common is that sharing them will build up the church by improving our evangelism.




The subtitle the good, the bad, and the rest reflects the fact that many people have really negative experiences of evangelism. As a result of this (and possibly for other reasons too) many people have really negative feelings and views on evangelism. Rick Warren puts it very well in his Forty Days of Purpose videos: Christians and non-Christians agree on one thing: They hate evangelism.


But evangelism is a good thing. And while not everyone is called to specialise in evangelism, there are some things every Christian can and should do that at the very least directly support evangelism.


Evangelism in the office (some success stories)


What we can learn from Billy Graham


How should we react to spam?


the Jason Gastrich disaster at Wikipedia


A letter box drop shows the depth of the problem


evangelism dos and donts


see also alderspace

See also the topic list


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