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How can a cyberchurch fellowship?


By use of this site and the its associated sites and lists, particularly the community space, and other tools as we develop them.


Fellowship may possibly be our strong suit. It's the main area in which other cyberchurches have succeeded. But, the best fellowship often stems from mission, and mission comes from worship. So a church that is only active in fellowship is not really a living church.


This project came out of experience setting up the St Andrews website on which it is modelled, and the observation of and sometimes participation in other attempts at cyberchurch over the years, some of them more successful than others, see lots of cyberchurches. It was also inspired by experiences and reflections at Wikipedia and Religion-wiki.



who is a Christian?






our community space


cyberchurch forum


cyberchurch at cyberchurch

in more detail






Christian leadership




listening to God



Some Wikipedia articles:




consensus decision-making

see also resources, especially topics for some things you can start discussing and helping with right now, and watch this space for other things as they happen

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