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What is the mission of this cyberchurch?


To use the tools we have been given to reach both the churched and the unchurched with Jesus' love.


It may merely serve as a pattern and testbed for other churches to learn how to use these tools. It is already doing that!


Or, it may serve to minister to others through resources and topics pages, such as the Evangelism Think Tank.


Or it may be set other goals by God.


In his Forty Days of Purpose program, Rick Warren equates Mission to Evangelism. This seemed at first an overstatement to me, but I can see what he means. Much of Jesus' most effective evangelism was in serving people, in meeting their needs. The deeper I go into the theology of it, the more the three activities of preaching to the lost, of social action to help the helpless, and of personal holiness in my dealings with others merge into the single indivisible activity of putting Jesus' love into action. - YiCaa


Evangelism Think Tank


the seeker page


the sinners prayer


Christian Sexuality - a user guide


The resources index

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