obedience and submission


Submission is not a fashionable word. People say it is old-fashioned. Actually, people often say that the Church is trying to put the clock back.


William Barclay answered them thus: People say you can't put the clock back. But there is one time when not only is it right to put a clock back, but very important to do it. And that is when the clock is wrong.


My favourite book on biblical exegesis is How to Lie with Statistics by Darell Huff. Statisticians and Bible readers have essentially the same problem. If you go on tossing dice until you get a row of arbitrarily many straight passes, you will eventually succeed. That one successful test taken in isolation of course proves nothing. Similarly, if you sit down with an opinion and a Bible, eventually you will convince yourself that the Bible supports your opinion.


The Bible is best studied on your knees. If you approach it with an honest hope of God speaking through it, you will not be disappointed. - YiCaa


But the Bible is not the only authority to which a Christian must submit. There are two others, the Church and the Holy Spirit. We could have a good wrangle whether one of these is more, or less, important than the other two. But let's agree that they are all important.


Interview with a monk (yes, a real one)

Interviewer: And do you still have the threefold vow?

Monk: Indeed. Poverty, chastity, and obedience, or if you like, no money, no honey, no mucking about.

Interviewer: And which is the most difficult, do you think?

Monk: Obedience, definitely. True obedience requires a great deal of listening.