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site status

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

At present I can only offer a potential community - at the time of writing I am the only member! And this may remain the case. But I am open to others joining. Just as someone needed to be first, so someone needs to be second.


Or, it is entirely possible this will just remain an experiment in how wikis and email groups can be used. That's cool too.


If you'd like to have a better look around, I have set up a read-only password for the community space, which you're welcome to have for the asking.


And of course feel free to use the resources. I personally use the morning prayer and evening prayer regularly, and those who may come upon this site are on my personal daily prayer list. I pray particularly that those who visit the Evangelism Think Tank may be better equipped to be ready, and that those who visit csaug may find the material there accurate, in particular faithful to the Gospel, and helpful.



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