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Christ died to save spammers


among others of course. You and I included.


Isn't it wonderful?


Now that we have that sorted out, how can we effectively witness our faith to spammers? And, are there opportunities that spam gives to witness to others too?


Have a look at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyberchurchforum/message/13?threaded=1 and see what you think. Is this a useful response?


How can we do better?


Should the church use spam ourselves? Some have!


You are cautioned against replying to spam. That's not to say told not to. That's just to say, be sure you know what you are doing. A heavily spammed mailbox probably won't enhance your ministry. Even with the best spam filters, real messages risk getting lost in the fog.


For more on spam messages, see the spamtrap pbwiki, a semi-covert activity of this cyberchurch


more to follow


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