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the angels rejoice

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Wow. Welcome! Welcome in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Greeting new believers is always awesome. It doesn't need to get much better than that.


1 Timothy 4:12 is a verse that I often keep in mind when I'm with new Christians, particularly in evangelistic situations. Often, I just need to sit back and trust God, and trust them. They have an understanding of those who do not yet know the joy of meeting Jesus, and an excitement about sharing it, that puts us oldies to shame. This applies to young Christians of any physical age! - YiCaa


Have a look around the site, and we'd love to hear from you.


If you haven't already found one, you must try to find a church. It is possible to remain a Christian and not be involved in church. But don't do it unless you have no choice (and some are in this position). In that case you might think seriously about membership here or in another cyberchurch (or you can be both a member here and belong to a more conventional church as well).


If you don't have a church background, you may find fragments of some help in understanding what is going on in some of the churches you visit. Keep us posted on anything else you'd like to know about.


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