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the fine print

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These pages are copyright by the various authors.


That shouldn't be a problem. If you wish to use the content in any way that this may effect, just talk to us.


In particular, worship resources on this site are made available free of charge for worship, but formal permission should still be obtained before using or reproducing them. Please email us to obtain this permission. This also helps to prevent misunderstandings - for example, we don't have any authority to give permission to use resources in other sites we link to, but some people seem to think we do!


Feel free to use the logo to link to this site. For any other use you should talk to us.


It's important that the church doesn't treat intellectual property, or any other sort, with contempt. It's part of our respect for the individual. God may sometimes call us to break the law. But to do it needlessly or recklessly is just likely to disgrace the Gospel. And God doesn't want that.




This is a wiki. Anything can happen. Actually, you should be suspicious of the content of any website you access, but with a wiki it's a bit more obvious that you should. If the content is helpful to you, use it, if not, don't.


None of the content of these pages has been subject to formal approval. Neither the wiki concept nor the particular software we are using allows it. However, unlike with many websites, you should be able to assume good faith on the part of the contributors. We are a Christian community after all!


If you aren't comfortable with this way of working, ask your kids to explain it to you (or failing that someone else's kids). Look for someone twelve years old at most, otherwise they may have some old-fashioned ideas that aren't helpful, and ten years old at least, otherwise they may be unsympathetic and make you feel silly.

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