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the logo

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The logo is original, I made it by some very simple use of the image editing software that came bundled with various other things, and quite a lot of time just looking at it and trying various things. If you want to use it to link to this page, that's exciting, go right ahead. If you want to use it for anything else, that's exciting too, but you should talk to me first.


There's quite a lot going on in this simple logo. There are three crosses there if you look for them, for example, just as there were on calvary. And one of those three crosses is connected to cyberspace far more closely than to Jesus. Will they be saved?


There are four colours only: White/transparent, black, purple and a lemon-cream colour also used for the cyberchurch background. That last colour is the only one of them not chosen from the Netscape preferred palette, and may dither on some low-end platforms.


The lettering happened rather than was planned, although I did have several attempts. The "cyber" is cryptic, disturbing, ambiguous, even a little bit violent, and certainly not neat! Is it yb or 46? It's a l33tish welcome and warning: You are welcome, and so are those you might prefer to avoid. As with any wiki, cyberchurch will not be neat, it will be at best joyfully untidy. But it points, in letters of decreasing size, to a quieter voice which says "church" calmly and clearly.


This strongly flavoured lettering is repeated on the welcome banner on the FrontPage, and nowhere else. Its heavily pixilated font seemed appropriate there, but elsewhere I intend to use the best graphics possible, while always looking out for acceptable performance on as wide a range of platforms as possible. What's good enough for God? - YiCaa


Using the logo on other websites


Please use the logo when linking to this site, that's one thing it's here for. You have three ready made image graphics to choose from:


http://cyberchurch.pbwiki.com/f/cross+thumbnail.gif is 80 pixels in width and probably the most useful as is.


http://cyberchurch.pbwiki.com/f/cross+thumbnail+cropped.gif is the same image but tightly cropped all around, 56 pixels in width and more suitable for cramped layouts.


http://cyberchurch.pbwiki.com/f/cross+logo.gif is 200 pixels in width and probably the best one to manipulate.


All are four-coloured transparent GIFs and should work well on almost any platform and against any background at all, just as is. Against a dark background they look most dramatic!


Any problems or questions about using them, or any other proposed use of the logo, please contact the webservant.

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