what is a cyberchurch

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A cyberchurch is simply where Christians meet as a church in cyberspace.


This is not the cyberchurch. This is just a cyberchurch. It is based on a wiki. There are lots of cyberchurches. Praise God! And welcome to this one.


Why do Christians meet as a church?


Because God calls us:





Why do Christians meet in this particular cyberchurch?


Because God calls us:


  • To take opportunities that the Internet offers.


  • To minister to people who may have difficulty in joining with more conventional churches (for many reasons), offering them opportunities for worship and fellowship and of course to invite them in turn to participate in mission.


  • To reach people who may not be reached by other means.


worship, fellowship, mission


This site is organised (if that word can ever really be applied to a wiki) around the three purposes of the Church listed above. Obviously, we see these as important, see membership..


They are not unrelated activities of course! Some activities of a church are primarily one or another, for example evangelism fits most neatly into mission. Others seem to be strongly connected to two of them, for example providing drama resources is fellowship but is directed towards worship. Prayer is worship, but praying together has an element of fellowship to it, and praying together for mission activities combines all three.


At a deeper level, all activities of the church connect to all three. Everything we do as Christians is in a sense worship. Everything we do as members of the Church is in a sense fellowship. And perhaps everything we do as the Church is mission (or is that a stretch?).


Many of the pages in this wiki relate particularly to one of these three activities. Some relate equally to two, or even all three. They are tagged with one or more of the banners below, accordingly. Each of these banners (and the links in the sidebar) will take you to an overview of what cyberchurch does to fufill this purpose.



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